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The Biometrics Space 

In view of the rapidly growing level of terrorism, security breaches and transaction frauds world over, the need for highly secured identification and personal verification technologies is being felt intensively. 

Biometric technology 

The automated recognition of individuals based on their behavior and biological characteristics is called Biometric Technology and has being adopted globally. 

India, which is perpetually under the threat of terrorism and security breach, is gearing up to adopt various biometrics methods. 



We offer you Industry-Leading REAL-TIME GPS tracking and reporting. A GPS vehicle tracking system is intended to provide vehicle location information so you know where your vehicle is, what it is doing and where it has been. Vehicle tracking reports includes valuable information such as speeds and headings. A GPS tracking system can locate a vehicle from any computer or device with internet access, from anywhere on the globe at any time.

In need of vehicle tracking for better fleet management? A GPS tracking system can pinpoint your position or the position of every vehicle in your fleet, no matter how large or small. The vehicle tracking system is becoming popular for individuals as well. 



Active RFID 2.4GHz Products Active RFID 433MHz Products
 Active RFID Dual Products SmartCard Solutions 

We offers complete range of Active RFID Products & RFID Services for markets worldwide. We are one of the leading RFID suppliers. Our RFID Products are based on innovative Radio Frequency/Wireless technologies specially selected for particular applications. We primarily focus on working with system integrators and small businesses to create innovative applications and services.


Web Solutions : Be Distinct with Us

Developing a technically advance website is the most vital task of a website development company. A concerted and constructive effort has to be undertaken if a website development company really wants to make a decisive difference in this domain. As having an online identity is becoming a prerequisite for every business organization to rev up its presence, the importance of web development service is shooting up. However, the concept of web development has changed a lot over the years, courtesy massive technical development in this particular field.
Therefore, the entire thing has become a bit technical and this has somewhat necessitated the intervention of a website development company, who can handle all these complex technical issues precisely. Quality Web Solutions, which is one of the web development companies in India, is well versed with all the aspects of website development and therefore, we can offer you real time solution that will ensure a better online visibility and a better future for your organization.  



Customized Biometric Solutions Handheld Terminal Solutions

Customized Software Solutions

Tathya : Multi-Biometric Based Identification, Analysis And Criminal Tracing System 

Biometric ID Cards: Smart card based ID  card Solution  powered with Biometrics 

CRIS: Fingerprint biometric based Customer Registration and Identification System 

DL-AFIS :SmartCard based Driving License with Automated Fingerprint Identification  System 

CAS: Candidate Authentication System, to stop proxy examinees 

VPAMS : Fingerprint Biometric based Visitor Pass and Access Management System 

HMS: Hospital Management System

Inventory Management system : Bar Code Based Store Management

PMIS : Pathology Management & Inventory Management System

CMS : College Management System

Biometric Based Hostel Management System

Biometric Based Time Attendance System with Real time SMS Alert System.

VPMS : Visitor Pass Management System for Hostel.

SCHEDUCLOUD : Sales & Service Manpower Management system powered with Google Map based fuel claim sheet. 

TMS : Time Management System