ISO 9001:2008 Certified

 Customer Registration and Information System

In order to keep a check on cyber café’s operations GI Biometrics has developed online Customer Registration and Information System (CRIS Lite). CRIS Lite will facilitate café owner to register personal information of a visiting customer with state-of-the-art feature of instant photo image capturing, online. A Unique Universal “CRIS Lite ID” with encrypted password protection will be generated for Users. CRIS Lite also features an online module specifically developed for Government Security and Law Enforcement Agencies, which would facilitate them in searching a suspect’s Personal Information, Photograph along with his/her visit records. As a result CRIS Lite can enable Law Enforcement agencies in a fast and accurate nationwide search in all Cyber Cafes using CRIS Lite System.

Salient Features of CRIS Lite:

CRIS Lite Records The following measures and activities, Information collected will be available ONLINE to Cyber Café Owner as well as the Police Department of Uttar Pradesh.

  • RECORDS Live Photograph will be taken By WEB Camera instantaneously.
  • RECORDS MAC Address (Machine Access Code) of PC being used by user.
  • RECORDS Public IP Address being used by user.
  • RECORDS Static IP Address along with System Name of PC being used by user.
  • RECORDS Photo ID Proof by the help of Scanner or Web Cam.
  • RECORDS Users personal information
  • RECORDS Time, Duration and Date of Internet Usage by User
  • RECORDS Cyber Café details Used by User
  • User-friendly Interface.
  • User-friendly CRIS Backup and Restore Module.
  • Advanced Cyber Café Management
  • Checks, Search and Reports Generated by CRIS Lite:
  • Cross checking of Universal password protected ID at the time of system allotment to user.
  • To find fast and efficient results, CRIS Lite facilitate with various search tools.
  • Registration Report.
  • Visit Report.

·         For Police Department “Real Time and One Point Status Reporting” of all Cyber Cafes connected to the Server as well as personal details of all Users Using Internet with particular details of the Computer System being used at that point of instant.

CRIS Lite Pack contains the following items

* CRIS Lite Software Compact Disk   Product ID   * Online Single User License   * Service Document