ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Agile TP - L1 Identity Solutions


Fast digital fingerprint processing.

The Agile TP is a lightweight, easy-to-use digital fingerprinting device that is ideal for civil programs at border control checkpoints, airports or other security terminals as well as background checks at job application centers. With a self-directed user interface to assist subjects, a full set of fingerprint slaps can be captured in less than 10 seconds. Compact and portable, the Agile TP is easy to install and start-up with a standard USB-2.0 interface.

  • Reliable in High Volume Applications

Most security programs have high throughputs with long lines of people requiring fingerprint capture. With no moving parts in the optics deck and no silicon pads to change or replace, the Agile TP ensures reliable results over and over again.

  • Fast and Easy Capture

Our unique graphical user interface (GUI) is easy to understand and instructs subjects for proper finger placement to improve processing times.

  • Proven Technology for Quality Fingerprint Images

Our advanced technologies automatically capture more data and better data, such as fine minutiae and ridge detail in all fingerprint types, thereby reducing variability and the need for recaptures which lead to processing delays.



Agile-TP and India’s Unique ID Program


L-1 is providing a multi-biometric solution to the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) for enrollment, fusion-based search and match (integrated with existing systems) and verification.

  • Enrollment: Slap fingerprint devices, such as Agile TP™ and TouchPrint™ 4100 capture a tenprint record in seconds including quality checks and both visual and audible cues for operator and applicant feedback. Iris capture devices, such as Mobile-Eyes™, designed specifically for UID, PIER™ and PIER-T™ are also used.
  • ABIS® Multi-Biometric System Search and Match Engine: L-1’s unique ABIS, an Automated Biometric Identification System improves program integrity through the fusion of biometric modalities including a full set of tenprint fingerprints, dual irises and face images from civilians as well as demographic information. With linkages to many of India’s existing databases, enrollment and verification of identities are all supported by the ABIS System.

  • Verification: Once enrolled and added to the secure ABIS database, civilians’ identities will be verified with one of the finger, face and/or iris biometric solutions noted above to ensure program integrity.